water heater drain pan installation some 3 to 5 steps follow

how to install water heater drain pan


water heater drain pan installation
water heater drain pan installation

How to install water heater drain pan

Many people do not know what is a water heater drain pan installation and how its works, today we will discuss the water heater drain pan installation in this article, there is a method on the water heater drain pan that prevents water leakage and save water.  Many people use it and many people do not.

Those who use a water heater should know how it works and what are its advantages and disadvantages. you want a water heater drain pan installation you should follow this method for the water heater drain pan installation process. NXT WEB

Drain pan made of some types of material

  3. STEEL
  4. Galvanized

water heater drain pan is used in both types of water heater is working in a gas and electric water heater. A drain pan is work is protected against water damage and saves water leakage.  Drain pan available in three types you should choose best types and better material. select the correct size drain pan.

How to install water heater drain pan 
How to install water heater drain pan


Aluminum drain pan: Aluminum drain pans are the best for your water heater and it is a good choice for you but an aluminum drain pan costs more and is expensive. The aluminum drain pan does not melt even though it is very hot it lasts for a long time and Keeps working.

Plastic drain pan: plastic drain pans are cheap and they don’t work well, they break due to high heat. Plastic drain pans are unable to tolerate the heat and they remain intact only for a few days, they do not last much.

Stainless steel drain pan: Stainless steel best choice for you because it is made up of very heavy material. stainless steel drain pans work well even in summer and at higher temperatures but it’s very costly.

Galvanized drain pan: Galvanized drain pan is also made of better material, it also gives you a long life, in which you have the advantage and it does not melt in the heat but it is more expensive and costly.

water heater drain pan code you should now. HINDISKY

Size should not be less than 1.5 inches that are an example of 38mm


water heater drain pan installation process need to follow

turn off the supply

– Turn off the current supply and water supply, First of all, you empty the tank, then after that, you have to turn off the water supply, along with this you have to turn off the power supply as well.

It is very important for you to know whether your water heater is gas or electric if your water heater is gas, then turn off the gas supply and if it is electric then turn off the electric supply.

water heater drain pan installation you should process safely and securely.

Remove pipes and other connections

After turning off the power and water supply, you will need to disconnect the pipes connected to the water heater. If you do not separate the pipes from the water heater, it will be difficult to lift the water heater.

Drained water from inside the water heater.

You will have to remove water from the water heater and remember that this water is hot, you can easily connect the pipes to the drain valve and remove the water, after that, you open the valve and the hot water will come out of the pipes, you should be very careful while removing the water. because this water is hot.

Raise the water heater

Water heaters are very heavy, so you can take the help of some people to lift them.

place the drain pan.

place the drain pan under the water heater Securely place the water heater over the drain pan

Do this process safely and properly.

You have to keep the water heater safely above the drain pan, remember that you should take care of this work, otherwise one of the water heater or drain pan may break due to which you will suffer.

PVC adapter.
water heater drain pan installation

If your drain pan does not have a PVC adapter then the first thing you have to do is to connect the PVC adapter to the drain pan. When buying a drain pan, the drain pan has a PVC adapter attached to it, if your drain pan does not have a PVC adapter, then you should install it. water heater drain pan installation

used good quality materials.

PVC fitting material like this Elbow, PVC Pipe, Glue, and PVC Adapter You have to use good quality, if you do not use good quality material then you will have to face trouble later and there will be water leakage from the pipe.

Make connection attaches the strap belt

Paste the elbow and coupling with the help of glue now you have to do the connection carefully Now fasten your water heater with the help of a strap belt.

Reconnect fitting turn on the supply

You will have to get all the connections removed, you will have to connect all the pipes to the water heater in a safe way. After connecting the pipes, now you can turn on the water supply, current supply, or gas supply.
check Now after all this, you should turn on the water heater. After checking thoroughly whether it is working properly or not. water heater drain pan installation is complete.



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